Is Everyone In Trouble?

Ghost grimaced at the mention of both Ryze and Jin'Lor, looking away from the entire group. Ever since they had welcomed the man she once thought of as a father figure onto the ship, she had grown more and more uncomfortable. It was why she chose to stay closer to Thrass as of late, even hiding in his room most of the time to avoid even speaking with her real father or even her uncle.

"Lets just go." She finally said in a monotonous tone.

Thrass simply pat her shoulder in reassurance and nodded to Mira.


Jin'Lor frowned at Liden as his grip tightened on the knife in hand. The other five knives, however, slipped from his belt and went right for mandalorians. "You always have a bad habit of pissing people off, don't you?" He said in irritation.

Ryze chuckled as he grabbed onto Ring, splitting the droid in two and letting it change shape into two blades. "This is getting so normal I'm not surprised." He stated as he engaged one of the mandalorians, slicing toward the neck.

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