The More The Merrier

Keran was quick to go to Serenity. "I know you and Mar have forged a bond due to the experiences we all went through. However, Serenity, temper your feelings. Know that Jin'lor and Ryze are with him..." then he bit his lip with worry. " is Liden."

Mira smiled at Serenity. "Mar can handle himself, Serenity. You know that." Then she looked to the others. "Shall we get moving?"


Mar nodded as he ignited his lightsaber. "Always glad to have some help."

The mandalorian bounty hunter advanced on the group, tossing a smoke grenade at them as he drew closer. Liden was quick to grab the grenade with the force and hurled it up into the air.

"You have to do better than that, bucket head!" Liden shouted as she readied for the coming fight.

"Oh I most certainly can..." The Mandalorian said four more Mandalorians descended from above on jetpacks.

Mar looked to Liden and sighed. "You had to goad him, didn't you?"

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