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Summary: What's the point of a fight without the risk of dying?

Jin'Lor Venneroe

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Gender: Male

Age: 83 (Appears to be in late 30's)

Group: Rebel


Humanoid Robot


The Force
Force Lightening
Physical regeneration
Rapid Healing
Genetics Expertise


The Only Man Ripper Fears
Creator (To Ghost)

Physical Appearance

Average height with brown hair and dark blue eyes, he is commonly seen wearing something akin to a suit. He is fair skinned with a deep scar lining his neck and is physically fit. His hair is often tied back. There is also a long scar on his back that follows his entire spine up to the back of his head, a sign that he did not always have this body.

Unlike Ripper, his bones are not threaded with cortosis and he can die if brain functions are cut off.


At first glance he seems to be a gentleman with a friendly demeanor, but it hides his true nature of cruelty and manipulation. Killing is a pass time for him, but if the kill is too easy it becomes boring and he'll literally walk away from the fight.

He loves to use sarcasm and takes joy in antagonizing others. Basically, he sees everything as a childish game.

He has very rare moments of sanity and calm.


A man that grew up learning the ways of Jedi, the Sith, and more, he was once a good man in his youth and became a very powerful Mandalorian that betrayed them in order to follow his own path due to his personal feelings about his sister, Rue. After killing both his sister and her husband, he decided to take things a step further in his cruelty by bringing Ryze/Ripper back as a doomed immortal.

Creating Ghost was only the icing on the cake for him. When Ripper found out the truth and "killed" him, he was put in a new body that he built based off of the design made for Ripper.

He has been on the move, enjoying the show from a distance as he goes about his own business.

Special Items/Ships

Blue Light Saber
Cortosis knives (6 in all)
Ripper's Killswitch

Items/Ship Descriptions

Blue Light Saber - An item from his youth that he rarely uses unless he knows the fight is going to be entertaining.

Cortosis Knives - All six of them hang from the belt he always wears around his waist and he loves to use them for both torture and fighting against light sabers.

Ripper's Killswitch - An item hidden in his brain that allows him to manipulate, control, and even kill Ripper (though he never will). It even allows him to stop all mechanical functions if he so chooses.

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Image of Jin'Lor Venneroe
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