Silence Is A Blessing, Be Thankful

Ghost just sat there, slack jawed as she watched VT-L2 basically violate the poor screaming droid. It took her a long moment to finally get from her seat and chase them down, pulling VT off. The little droid just kept squealing happily, flailing his limbs in the air.

Ryze groaned at the sight as Ghost tried to keep a good hold on the droid. Setting Liden down, he walked over and grabbed the droid by his head with his metal hand. With his other, he tugged one of the antennae out of the little droids head and enjoyed the silence that followed. "Got a cage?" He asked as the droid continued to flail in his grasp.

Jin'Lor nodded to Keran before turning his gaze to Liden. "I'm just tired." He stated. "Though, I think we all are after this mess."

"Got that right." Thrass said with a chuckle.

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