Definitely Better Off

Mar sighed and nodded. "Has there been enough death, Liden?"

Liden seemed defeated in spirit and merely sighed. "For one day..." She didn't even fight Ryze carrying her.

Mar sighed and nodded before leading the others back to the Phoenix. "Mira! Get us out of here!"

Mira let out a happy sigh and detached the Phoenix from the destroyer and was quick to fly to an open area of space and jump to hyperspace.

KC began to scream and roll around desperate to get the overly amorous droid off of her.

Keran looked to Jin. "Take solace in knowing you are not alone, Jin'Lor. We are all in this together." He grimaced at the scene unfurling between the two droid and opted to ignore the screaming. "Though maybe we'd be better off adrift in space..."

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