Happy VT

Ryze grimaced and kept a good hold on Liden as he waited for Mar to lead the way. He honestly had no clue where to go in this maze of a place.

Carla seemed to calm down a lot more the moment Serenity had a hold of her, even purring happily.


Jin'Lor moved his leg out of the way as VT-L2 rushed by. "I see..." He grunted, pulling one of his knives free and tapping it against his leg. Being in this place and so close to Ghost, he was growing antsy, nervous. "We need to go."

Ghost was frowning. "Maybe we'll be lucky and Ripper will be left behind..." She whispered.

VT-L2 made a loud screeching noise when stunned and hopped upon KC-8 almost immediately Wrapping his limbs around her, he let out a happy squeal.

"What is that droid so happy about now?" Thrass called to the others.

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