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Summary: Don't get in my way...

Ripper/Ryze Drackorian

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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown (Appears to be late 20's)

Group: Bounty Hunter


Humanoid Robot (he only looks human) but his accent sounds very Russian.


-Mechanical brilliance (he can fix anything).
-Can hack most systems.
-Medical proficiency (he's a doctor).
-Regenerative organs, flesh, and skin.
-Robotic skeleton (think of a Terminator)
-The Force (tries to hide it, though)


Doctor/Mechanic/Bounty Hunter

Physical Appearance

Fairly regular height with dark hair, tan skin, and pointed ears. His eyes are a bright green color, only made brighter by his black sclera (the whites of the eyes are black). His wardrobe is often torn and raggedy in an attempt to make opponents underestimate him. His left hand has black claws and the right arm is often hidden in bandages to hide robotic components. His blood is black, almost like ink. His robotic skeleton and parts built with cortosis and a powerful armor, making it impossible for lightsabers and the such to cut through.


A cruel man that never allows anything to stop him. He takes pleasure in the pain of others, Ghost in particular. The only good quality about him is the medical instinct that makes him help others (rarely, but it proves he was a doctor.) These acts he commits are almost always against his will, but the price for resisting them is far worse than caving in...

He was once a very good man, but that changed when he became immortal.


His name was once Ryze Drackorian and his childhood was painful - a mother lost to the dark side and a father struck down by Jedi. He was raised by an abusive mechanic that got him into a good medical school. His skills are well honed as both a doctor and a mechanic due to this.

As he grew older, his Force abilities became stronger, though he hated to use them. On a job to repair a ship, he met Rue and over time they got to know one another, eventually getting married. He was happy for once...

Rue was pregnant when a Mandalorian took her life over the old bounty on her head. That same man attempted to kill Ripper by crushing him with the Force. Surviving, somehow, he was saved by Creator and given the robotic skeletal structure that is capable of deflecting anything, even light sabers. His new skin is regenerative on every part of his body but his right arm, an anomaly not even Creator could explain.

Strangely enough, his rescuer also offered to bring Rue back. In order to do this, though, Ripper had to get the appropriate DNA and was forced to kill children. It broke his mental state for the first time since Rue's death and he grew colder, crueler. There were many arguments over Creator's methods, even after Ghost's "birth".

For years, he traveled alone and dug for information...until he found out who it was that actually killed his wife. Upon returning to confront Creator over the matter, he lost control and killed the man before stealing Ghost and dragging her to his home.

At first, he tried being kind to Ghost, but her constant attempts at escape distressed him. He was unable to stop his Ring weapon from taking her legs and felt great regret over it, quickly using his medical skills to aid her. The more time he spent with her, though, the more she became Rue to him, so when a heated argument erupted between them, his mentality broke again.

He hurt her a second time.

Still feeling regret over what he's done, but unable to stop himself, Ripper is obsessed with her. There is a great amount of hate for himself and all he has done in his life.

If Ghost were able to find a way to kill him, he would let her do it...

Special Items/Ships

Double bladed sword.
Red lightsaber.
Ring - Circular bladed ring.

Items/Ship Descriptions

Double Bladed Sword - a favorite of his for cutting off limbs and leaving people to bleed out. It is coated with cortosis so lightsabers can't destroy it.

Red Lightsaber - he has it. That's all you need to know.

Ring - Circular bladed ring that Ripper built. It floats around him and seems to often have a mind of its own. The only speech it knows is Morse Code, using clicks to speak with. Only Ripper can hear its real voice. It can teleport both small and big objects, but can only do this so many times in a single year before the system needs repairs.

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