Someone Has Escaped...

Jin'Lor felt no need to eat the food, only giving it a cursory glance as he listened to Thrawn speak. He would not waste his scientific research on fighting the Phantoms again, not after all that had happened.

It was obvious this chiss wanted them to do his dirty work.

Liden looked to Jin with a look that was a mix of concern and curiosity. "He may be right. That tome was convincing enough to me. And if it has the answer we need to stop The Phantoms... Jin..." She reached out and took his hand. "I think we should look into it..."

Grimacing, he turned blue eyes on Liden. A part of him wanted to say no just to spite the man that had taken his knives away. He felt exposed without them on his belt. The look in her eyes, though, made him falter, brought back old memories of how he had refused to help those he cared for.

It had cost him too much.

Sighing, Jin'Lor nodded to Liden. "Fine," He stated. "But I want my knives back."

Ryze, however was not so keen on this. "I'm not exactly all that skilled in the force, though." He admitted, glancing to the others. "I can control my weapons, sure, but Ring has always been a droid. He's easy to work with." He had barely touched the food and found thirst did not find him.

He was just uncomfortable. "If it helps, though, I'll go."

What no one knew was that a little escaped droid by the name of VT-L2 had begun running around and searching for his companion, leaving chaos in his wake...


"I am Commander Uthra." The officer said. "And you all just volunteered yourselves for the next expedition into The Labyrinth..."

Ghost gazed at the officer with disdain and tried her best to ignore the pain pulsing through her limbs. "The Labyrinth?" She asked, unable to stop the hitch in her voice as the pain seemed to heighten.

Thrass stayed close to the wolf eared girl, frowning. "Are you insane? That place is a nightmare..." He muttered.

Carla just clucked from her spot at Serenity's feet.

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