The War Never Ends

Keran stood atop the stone steps of the Jedi Academy of Yavin IV and looked down at his two padawans, Ghost and Serenity. He smiled at them. "You two will like what we'll be doing today. We're going to one of the ancient Jedi temples to look for holocrons."

Mira showed up behind Keran and grinned. "And guess who's flying the shuttle and playing babysitter to you two crazy Jedi?" Then she looked around. "Ghost? Where's Thrass at? He was gonna join us."

Mar was running through the narrow streets of Kafrene. Liden was not far behind. The two of them were racing through the busy market streets trying to get back to the spaceport. All the while blasterfire raced overhead as a man in mandalorian armor fired at them with a rifle.

"You have a way with people, Leto."

Mar frowned at her. "I have a way? You're the one who pissed him off!"

Liden rolled her eyes. "If you had allowed me to build a new saber..."

"Not a chance." Mar hopped over a kiosk and turned a corner. "Where the hell are Ryze and Jin???"

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