The Fun Of Getting Into Trouble

Ghost frowned and shrugged as she adjusted her robotic arm. "I haven't seen him since he mentioned repairing one of his blasters earlier." She answered Mira. "I'm sure he'll be here in a-"

That was when Thrass walked up to them, offering a smile. "Sorry," He said with a sly smile toward the wolf eared girl. "I can't have one of my blasters malfunctioning when in a fight, after all. Though, knowing you lot I won't really be needed." A chuckle escaped him as he finally looked to Mira. "I'll be babysitting with our friend here."

Ghost snorted. "I'm in my twenties. I am no baby!" She hissed.

"Oh, I know you're not." Thrass chuckled again. "Why don't you focus on what Keran here has to say, eh?"


Upon turning that corner, Mar would find Ryze going flying into a small group with a loud yell and a lot of cursing. He kicked the broken pieces of a table aside and snarled up at his assailant, also known as Jin'Lor. "You piece of trash! You cheated!" He snapped, getting to his feet and tossing his torn jacket aside. "And you owe me a jacket now!"

Jin'Lor simply stood and smoked a cigarette, turning his gaze toward Mar and Liden. "You cheated first, kid." He said as a hand absently spun one of his knives in one hand. Pointed ears twitching, he glanced up toward the mandalorian chasing them. "Need some help?" He called and stilled the knife, hand more than ready to release the weapon and let it break through that fancy armor.

"Do they ever stop getting in trouble?" Ryze asked as he walked up next to the other man, Ring floating close behind.

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