Trouble Is Trouble No Matter How You Look At It

Ghost frowned at Keran, but said nothing. She was in no mood to argue, trying to ignore the phantom pain in her limbs that she never spoke to anyone about. Ears twitching, she listened to the Stormtroopers silently, attempting to find out any plans they may have for them.

Thrass, however, was more vocal with his opinion. "I don't like the idea of surrendering, but Keran's right. I may not miss when I shoot, but I can only aim at so many people all at once..." He muttered, glancing to Ghost. His red eyes glanced over her metallic limbs, sympathy spilling through him.

"Lets just do this." Ghost finally said with a sigh.


Ryze looked at Thrawn in silence. He recognized the name and had heard rumors and news of him, but had never been given the misfortune of meeting him.

Looking up from where he sat, Jin'Lor bit back a growl. His fingers kept tapping at his belt, at the empty sheaths where his knives should be. "You..." He seethed as he got to his feet and stood next to Liden. "What do you want with her?" A hand unintentionally grabbed at her arm, pulling her toward him as if he were trying to keep her safe. Blue eyes narrowed dangerously at the chiss.

Ryze sighed heavily, leaning on the wall. "We just got into a lot of trouble, didn't we?" He asked simply.

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