Never Be Sorry

Jin'Lor bit back the irritation at her suggestion of him handing over information on his regenerative abilities. That was the one thing he refused to hand over. The only other individual with such knowledge was currently escaping in The Void Swift and he refused to let Liden get her fingers on that data.

There were so many pros and cons going through his mind that he almost missed her request. Pointed ears twitching at the words new body, he narrowed those blue eyes of his. The lightsaber in hand was crumbling, pieces dropping to the floor at his feet as he grabbed for a knife.

"Why should I make you anything? What's in this for me?" He inquired, tone low and growling with malice. "What if I refuse to help you?" A part of him knew it was a bad idea to antagonize this woman, but he needed answers.


"I'm... I'm sorry..." Mar said meekly to him.

Crouching down, Ryze froze in the midst of picking up Ghost's earrings. Gritting his teeth for a moment, he turned his gaze back to Mar with a frown. "Don't. Just don't. I deserve whatever anyone throws at me." He snapped and walked over to Mar. "I am the last person you should say that to. What I've done means I deserve the worst. Just because I had no control over it doesn't mean I was unaware of it. If I had been a better man - a better father..."

With a sigh, he let the rest fade and shrugged. "If you're really sorry, do me a favor. Keep Ghost safe and make sure she gets the life she deserves: a happy one."

Looking to where Mar's mechanical arm used to be, he hid Ghost's earrings in a pocket and spoke up again. "I can build you a new arm if you want."


Ghost spotted Serenity, Keran, and Carla through her tears. Ignoring the throbbing pain in her left shoulder, she stepped over to them and sat down while picking up the acid spitting bird. Without a word, she simply watched over the teen Padawan while her own shoulder and ears slowly bled.

At this point, nothing else mattered but keeping her mind off what had happened.


VT-L2 was screaming and running around in circles as he stayed with Quint. All of his sensors were on high alert, a feeling of impending doom upon the little droid. He could feel the large beast stepping from the storm, its many eyes targeting them.

Rising to its hindquarters, the beast opened its maw, sharp teeth moving toward the atmosphere. Jaws snapping shut, it missed The Ranger by a few mere feet and devoured a TIE ship that had been shot down by Quint.

Dropping back down to the snow covered ground, the beastly creature slowly turned and lumbered back into the storm as if nothing had happened.

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