Tie intereceptors

Rowan's "Not now Quint," came through loud and clear through the headset as they departed. They pulled away from the bay and started to climb.

The warning about the tie fighters brought her fully back in the moment. Mar had commented that Jedi tend to use the force to do everything in combat. So she was going to try not to. He was right that the Force wasn't the answer to every problem. Her master had said that too.

The first pass of the ties was like a streak as they flew in a tight formation blasting down the ships hull. You could see them coming and they were gone angling their turn to be an another attack vector coming for shields and engines trying to trap the ship so it could be grabbed by tractor beams by the larger ships. Their second pass brought fire to one of the rear deflectors. Quint sent blasts of turret fire after the swift moving targets. Again all misses.

The third pass came in low and climbed, the tracking computer had them the whole way and Quint let our a burst of fire as the lead ship broke in on its run with its wing-man behind. The hit wasn't as clean as she wanted but the Tie Interceptors left panel exploded sending debris into the canape of the following ship making it break. As Quint watched, the alarm squealed as the odd fighter out came over the top laying down a line of weapon fire towards the turret. Bolts exploded on both sides of her as she closed her eyes and pulled hard on the trigger exploding the belly of the tie. She could sense the pilot's death as space pulled its vacuum. His lungs exploded and his blood started to boil.

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