Why me?

VT-L2 ran to Quint and slammed into her leg, his sharp edges cutting into her ankle. "Wake up, Quint! We gotta go! Gotta go!" He chanted loudly to her. "Wakey, wakey! Quint!"

The pain from L2 running into her barely registered. Rowan's shout managed to get her moving to the ship. She could see a web of interactions in the Force, good and bad. People popping in, some fading out. It was like a spider web where people were at the threads crossing points. She felt as if she could pluck a thread and change lives. She reached out a hand and touched Rowan's bounty. She knew that she could take her revenge by just squeezing her fingers together.

"Quint, don't," a voice said. It was her master. "You were meant to see this," he continued. "There are a few things that are important for you to know. The first is you all will need to save Jin'Lor in the end and you will need to bring him back into the light. The second you need to deal with Rowan's bounty. He has information about the invasion that is coming. Darth Liden only knows in part what she has woken. You must work with Ninth Sister towards these goals. I was the one who trained her master and trained you. Remember you are much stronger than she," the voice said. Rowan ran her finger back towards herself on the silks. Two names popped into her mind of people connected. Rowan could use these. As she dropped out of her trance and ran for the ship.

Save that bastard, how was she going to convince this group of dark force wielding, overtly emotional, screwed up family relations it save Jin'Lor. She flopped herself into a gunners turret and put the headset on. She pressed intercom button, "Does the names Vinor Jissard and Vin Hambul mean anything to you?" Explosions still rained down from the star destroyer blasts. "I think they can lead us to your bounty," she said. She did not want to say they had to save Jin'Lor.

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