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Summary: A Sith Assassin Bonded To A Young Jedi

Ninth Sister

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Group: Sith




Ligthsaber Combat
Force User



Physical Appearance

A lean woman with pale skin and black lips. Has a shaved head and some tribal tattoos. Has a cybernetic arm after a mishap involving Quint


Cruel and relentless.


An assassin recruited by Darth Liden, she was paired up with her "brother" as pair of assassins and the best in Liden's command. However her encounter with jedi on Jakku led to her brother being killed and the loss of her arm. She is now bonded to Jedi Knight Quint due to the incident and is intent to torment the young Jedi until she can find and defeat Quint, or get her to fall to the dark side.

Special Items/Ships

Dual lightsbers

Cybernetic arm

Items/Ship Descriptions

The Ninth Sister has a pair of crimson bladed lightsabers she can combine into a double-bladed saber staff.

Has a cybernetic arm with sharp claws on the end of her fingers to inflict damage when in melee combat, as well as some other horrible implements.

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Image of Ninth Sister
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