Chapter 8: Recompense (Pt.2)

"Statment: As far as I am concerned do whatever you wish to your ship." Heckler took a second to glance at the entranceway to make sure Master or the other meatbag that served Master was not approaching. "My Master is loyal to his work here. Even if he decides to not do any work he will show up in the morning to make sure his multirole superiority starfighter is still here." He pointed upward at the TIE Defender in the ready launch position above them. "As if anyone would want to take that junk. It dosen't even talk to him but Master likes to talk to it."

Heckler's sensors told him the meatbag was not intrested in his ramblings. "Tools are along those shelves. I will be watching you meatbag."

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