Qunit thanked Red for the hospitality and kindness he was showing her. She stowed her gear and Annie reorganized it for her. As the captain walked in, Quint got up from her bunk. Annie kept busy.

“Hello captain,” she said calmly. “Well, I was trying to act in a way that would minimize problems. If I would have come with Aidman, you would have had to shoot someone because you gave them absolute instructions at the Cantina, just the two of them. My master said that when dealing with people in places like that, allow them to save face as it helps the situation.” She moved slightly in a restless way and said, “As to killing me, you could. But I don’t fear my death as there is worse things out there. “ she was not going to let him rattle her as she was a Jedi and her master had done much worse to her. “You also would not have let Red give me a bunk, you would have just spaced me,” she said and continued, “It would have been easier.”

She smiled kindly to him. She did not even think of using her feminine graces. “Aidman said that you needed a mechanic for your ship. Something about the last one getting killed and Red now having to do the repairs,” she said.

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