Chapter 8: Recompense

Ragnar had never taken a credit from a droid and swore he never would, but seeing as this wasn't a credit and if the droid meant free fuel, he supposed that wouldn't go against his oath to not work for droids.

"A full tank would be a most pleasing outcome to this debacle," he said as nicely as he could. They went back to the hangar and sure enough, the droid flipped a few levers, pressed some buttons and was filling his ship without asking for a credit. There was a long silence that Ragnar found uncomfortable.

"Since things died down and I don't get the drift that any more goons are coming, mind if I work on my rig a bit? I'd like to see your boss when he comes back to make sure we're square as well."

(Saw the massive post from you on Roland. Will try and read that eventually)

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