That way...

Quint took the threat for what it was, the truth was many people would know if he did anything. That was the way of the force. Though many of them, like her master were now with the force. He also forgot that Aidman also knew that she was here. But splitting hairs over this would not help her plight. In her mind the truth was, not many would care if he did something to her.

Annie pulled he back to the quarters and pulled out different clothing for her. Annie was trying to move her more towards the nerdy Jedi girl from how she was dressed. Quint protested that it shouldn't matter how she was dressed and that comfort was much more important than... Well, she wasn't sure. Annie again told her that as a general rule, males of most species do not think like females of the species. The clothing was baggier and had pockets which Quint approved of. Then the pair headed back to the communications room.

The first thing Quint did was to organize and clean, then she started to work on the communication equipment. Some of what was done did not make sense to her on the surface. Some of this was rewired in strange ways. Quint cooed at the two little droids and sent them running for tools and parts as she worked. The first system came up fairly easily. It had a couple modules that needed to be replaced and it came online. The second was mostly scrap and the third system was weird.

Quint sat down in a chair and closed her eyes and let the force guide her. She got a vision of the past of someone trying to "modify" the equipment to pickup "secured" communications. It startled her as there was a lot of yelling, cursing, and anger. In her mind, the ship rocked as there was an impact of blaster fire on the hull. She forced herself to break free of the memory. Sweat was running down her forehead. She knew that people that Rowan liked died.

Annie spoke, "You did it again didn't you?"
Annie was referring to seeing visions of the past through objects. Quint did not respond as she was still trying to calm herself down.
The droid continued, "You were going for fifteen minutes this time."

Quint reached her think hand in the back of the cabinet and pressed on a board and the system came alive. Music started playing softly through the ship, in Quint's mind this was old people's music.

She walked to the bridge and let Rowan know she was there by saying, "Didn't this band die like 20 years ago?" She flopped herself into one of the seats like she owned the place. Annie was still putting things back together.

"Sorry, your crew members died," she said as if this was common knowledge everyone knew.

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