Jakku is Unforgiving

Rowan look at the two Quint and Anni go back and forth fighting. “Neither of you will fly or drive anything here.” He says plugging in wires. He looked at Quint and asks, “were did you learn these skills?” Rowan reached up a pushed a buttom “I have known some real good mechanics in my time but not one so young” said the Mandalorian.

If we get this speeder bike working, it will be less walking for us. I would not have to walk across Jakku if I don’t have to.” He said standing. He walked over and placed a tool bag next to Quint. When you are done don’t for get to eat something and get something to drink Jakku is unforgiving and will take your life with out thought.” Rowan said sternly.

Looking done at her Rowan pauses then says “We should be there in the next rotation be ready. I just need you to identify the man not get in my way” he advises. Without another word rowan walks out of the room.

Walking back to the cockpit it sits in the pilot seat. Astromech Droid ET rolls up its head rotaes to look at rowan then beeps and whistles. Rowan turns and looks at the droid and says, “I did not ask you trash can!” ET turns and runs away. it was not long be for the ship dropped from hyperspace as the swirling lights stop and stars could be seen along with a red planet Rowan looked at the nav computer it showed Jakku a remote desert planet located in the system of the same name, within the Western Reaches of the galaxy's Inner Rim. He checked his sensors and there was nothing to be worried about he hit the com button on the panel. “Quint get up here we have arrived.” as he ship descended to the planet.

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