One and a Half sided conversation.

Leaning against a tree, looking ahead to a small patch of field Lafayette watched as large avian pranced and was going wild. Bounding around happily, now and then thrashing its head about, and now and then pecking the ground. After a few more minutes of it came over to him. Lafayette was crunching into a fresh red apple, a small grin on his face as the bird moved happily over to him.

"Hey, wonderful. You enjoying the grass?" he asked as Pepper watched the apple in his hand. "We can get you one when I'm done." he says she starts to lower her head the apple. "Hey Pepper no." she backs up looking at him with confusion and slight sadness. "Okay...fine." Lafayette says holding the apple out towards her, and she greedily snaps it up. Crunching away and letting out happy vibrating chirps. Leaning down her head to meet her sitting friends. Lafayette puts up a hand and pets her giving small skritches.

"Mama's been gone a long time hasn't see." Lafayette asks her, and Pepper looks to the path to the home and walks in place uncomfortably. "Think we should go looking for her or wait?" she turns back to him and tilts her head before walking off towards the storage shed, where her saddle was kept. "Okay guess that answers that." he said standing slapping the dust off the back of his pants. "Worried as much as I am I guess."

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