Draken sat on the dirt floor of a charred home. The village was once full of joy, small but filled with life. Now it was blacken by old fire, decaying, with a giant makeshift graveyard right outside. Draken looked at the house that was once his home, he remembered the two elves that healed him when he arrived to the village, bloody and close to death. Mala, the elder sister nursed his wounds while Villie, the young child would give him blue lillies, her favorite flower.
Draken got up from the floor and walked to the graveyard, he knelt down to two graves, with marble makeshift gravestones. He laid some blue lilies on top of one grave, the named Villie carved into it. He then laid some yellow tulips on a grave that had the name Mala craved into it. "I'm sorry I couldn't save you two as you saved me, but I will make sure that the humans will understand. They will all perish." He looked at the graves in silence for a little while before he walked to a gravestone made out of a black stone with the name Shade carved into it, "I don't know what to do my warden. Without your advice, I feel lost. I wander the lands without direction, killing every human in sight. What should I do? Less are the villages of man, less do I fuel my hunger for revenge." He looked at the stone, "Nothing, as always..." He got up from his knees and began walking back to the ruins of the village he once called home.

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