The Divine Hand

Ursa stopped dead and her tracks and stared downward into the white cloud laden abyss that lay beneath the broken edge of the battlements.

Her plan had been to slip through the empty Hall of Ladies and take the tower stairs to the battlements and make her escape via the slope of the southern face but it was clear to her now that this was not going to work. A great deal had apparently changed since the last time she was here. The collapse of the southern face and the battlement that had been built upon them being one of those.

“Well shit…” Was all Ursa could think to say before turning on her heel ready to make haste back the way she had come only to find that her way was now blocked.

“The chase it appears has reached its end little Witch.” The Church Knight blocking the doorway announced in a grim humorless voice. “Whatever demons you can call upon or magics tricks you can conjure will not save you from the true and righteous judgement of the Church.”

“Your assuming a great deal Knight.” Ursa couldn’t help but smirk shaking her head in disbelief as she drew her sword.

" I assume nothing Witch." He said plainly.

The Knights face lay hidden from her behind a mask of Iron and steel but in truth she didn’t need to see his features to know the familiar expression he wore. That grim single-minded certainty that he alone was in the right and that by faith and will alone he would be able to overcome any and all evils of the world.

Seeing her draw her weapon the knight paused adjusted his footing preparing for her to charge.

“I can’t believe you moron’s fall for that every time.” Ursa shook her head in disbelief.
If the Knight was even aware of what she had said he gave no sign of it. Rather realizing that she was not going to charge him raised his own weapon moving forward at a run. Completely unaware that his pause had given her all the time she had needed to channel the energy for her spell.

"Dea divinae manus!”

The power of the spell struct the Knight full in the chest crushing his breast plate and shield in an instant his sword shattering into the a thousand pieces.

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