Autumn's Homecoming - Prt 01

In places like the endless dark, time has no meaning. An hour can pass in a moment and a day could seemingly last for an eternity. Thus why it should be no surprise that upon leaving the endless dark that one might find themselves somewhat removed from time. In my case I found myself once more in the sunlight realms some five years before I had even left it.

Ursa Blacksong - 10th of Winter YSTR 107

The transition from the Endless Dark to the Sunlit realms was sudden and honestly not all that pleasant of an experience by any stretch of the imagination. For in that dread realm has an unending hunger that desires above all else the life energies of the living beings that find themselves trapped within it and even with all of the magical power held by the Lich King the physical cost of leaving the dark realms was a high one.

For that briefest glimpse of eternity, Ursa felt like the very life within her was being crushed by some immeasurable weight and all hope within her was lost to the void. Then in the next instant, the weight was gone and she found thoughts being too clear as she came to find herself standing in the blinding light of day.

After several long moments, her vision adjusted enough for her to make out that was standing in the open gates of some unknown township. Her gaze drifted from the sky to the buildings and then to the ground at her feet which was covered in a thick layer of newly fallen snow. It was then she noticed that she was not alone and that townspeople had gathered around her speaking in hushed voices though the words themselves escaped her.

Exhaustion soon enough overwhelmed her and she dropped to her knee. Her one free hand coming to rest on the cold earth as she struggled to hold herself upright.


A woman's voice reached her ears at that point.

‘Autumn my girl, Goddess be praised it is you, child.”

Ursa wasn’t all that certain about who this Autumn was but then again was also far to tired to care as she took a deep breath trying to hold herself upright struggling to not pass out right then and there as she felt someone’s arms wrapped around her holding her upright.

"My Girl, my girl you're home at last." The woman spoke aloud in relief.

The last thought to cross Ursa’s mind before she passed out was to wonder for the briefest of moments who the hell this Autumn was.

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