Autumn's Homecoming - Prt 02

The township of High March is a small and unassuming settlement located on the northern face of the Dalen Alps located just across the border from Sarnia in the Lands of Taras. Surprisingly enough I have never had need to travel into the Land of Taras and thus know next to nothing about the lands or its peoples.

Ursa Blacksong - 21st of Winter YSTR 107

It had taken a full ten days for Ursa to recover from the draining effects of the Endless Dark. The vast majority of that time was spent bedridden in the care of an elderly woman by the name of Sarah Owens who was, in Ursa’s humble opinion, quite mad but who it seemed was fixated upon the idea that Ursa was her long-lost daughter Autumn.

As a member of the Black Order, she had been exposed to such people a number of times in the past. Often times these individuals having been exposed to some type cursed artifact or relic or perhaps under the influence of so unnatural spell-like effect.

Sarah Owens however did not show any of the typical signs of these kinds of influences and thus Ursa while troubled by Sarah’s unhealthy fixation was not overly alarmed and given her own ill health and weakened state she felt it was perhaps best to not speak out or challenge the woman’s picture of reality given that it would only serve to complicate the situation Ursa already found herself in.

That said Ursa did try and piece together what had happened based upon those few details she had access to regarding the situation she now found herself.

As best she could determine Sarah’s daughter Autumn had disappeared some 6 perhaps 7 years prior without either trace nor clue as to what might have happened to the girl and given that High March was little more than your typical small town. Gossip and rumors were used to fill in the void only serving to complicate and confuse matters further with stories suggesting everything from the young woman's elopement with some unknown suitor from another township to the young woman being spirited away in the middle of the night by highwaymen

Sarah for her part only dismissed these tales and with Ursa’s appearance at the gates of the township seemingly felt that all was once more right in the world.

‘Autumn dear, how are you feeling?.” The sound of Sarah's voice drawing Ursa’s attention back into the moment once more. The elderly woman having no doubt noticed Ursa’s distant expression as her thoughts had drifted elsewhere.

.“I… I am well.” Ursa thought to say feeling perhaps sheepish taking note of Sarah's concerned look “ Well at least as well as can be expected.”

Sarah nodded her approval leaning forward to pour tea into the cup she had placed at Ursa’s bedside. Her gaze lingering for a moment on Ursa’s bandaged-covered hands with some concern. The woman was no doubt well aware of the arcane marks that covered not only Ursa’s hands but almost the entirety of her body.

Still even knowing about these Sarah stubbornly refused to question why and said nothing about them seemingly willing to accept the simple answer that Ursa did not remember. That being said there was worry in Sarah’s expression as she took her seat beside the bed before filling her own cup.

“You seem more concerned than normal today Sarah.” Ursa offered as she sipped her tea from the cup she held..

“ The young priest from the temple of the High Church is planning to visit us today.” Sarah sighed softly. “ There were some concerns regarding the ruins on your hands and the weapons you carried. There is some gossip amongst the townsfolk that your a witch or a hag.”

Ursa couldn’t help but chuckle at the news.” A hag indeed, I really must have been a sight when I arrived.”

Sarah smiled as well finding some relief in Ursa’s apparent lack of concern. “ I’m just concerned dear. The priests of the High Church tend to stick their noses in everyone's business and cry witch or dark magics whenever matters do not favor their interests.“

Ursa couldn’t help but nodded her agreement at Sarah’s observation. “All very true.“

“After word of your unexpected arrival reached the temple the Priests seemed very adamant about meeting you in person but given how sick you were I did my best to keep them away but this one is dead set it seems on meeting you in person now that your awake and simply would not take no for an answer.”

Ursa could only nod her understanding. “ Do not trouble yourself Sarah, I’m fairly certain that I can handle the Priest one way or another.”


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