A Quick Travel

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Reise slapped Jeke on the shoulder and glanced at Sunder. “Don’t be a bellend, lower your sword. He's covered in armor and doesn’t strike me as even human.”

When Jeke lowered Helios, Sunder lowered his own sword and nodded toward Joseph. “I came here for that man, but if you are willing to be responsible for a raving maniac, Kerron, he’s all yours. Lithwick is not accused of any crime, but he is wanted for questioning in relation to several unsolved murders in Varland, so I would not turn my back on him if I were you.”

“What about me? Do I seem dangerous at all?” Reise asked cockily as he walked past over to the horses whose owners no longer needed them.

Sunder didn't dignify the knave’s question with a response but continued speaking seriously to Jeke, one warrior to another. “He and that girl don't look like they can fight. I expect you will see them both to safety?”

Jeke turned and behold the two. Sunder seemed correct. "Perhaps today has been too interesting," he said after a moment. "You are hunting this man, they are lost and those," Jeke went, pointing to the area the knights lay still, "are hunting someone. I think we need rest and need to be out of this snow."

He looked to the horses still there from the knights. "Leave one. There is one still alive, no one should be damned for following orders."


The troupe had to do some rough hiking, made more dangerous by the wind, snow, and Joseph's thrashing. Still, they had managed to make it down the mountain and to the hut that Orla insisted they go to. For good reason, the man named Horo looking pale. "I have seen something like this before," Jeke had said. "But we won't find what I need up here. We need to get down into the woods." And so they travelled, Sunder and Jeke keeping vigil eyes as they made for lower elevations.

Further still they trekked through the Dalen Remnant, sticking to the border plains that marked the boundary of the Remnant and Verden. They did not stop moving until night had settled. Long had been the road but Jeke knew they had crossed much in the day. The campfire that Sunder coaxed to life cracked and sent sparks into the sky to be stars as Jeke looked over his map.

Karavoss was not far now. Orla's friend definitely needed help of an expertise he lacked. Folding the map, he turned to her and Reise. "Rest," he said. "We will be in somewhat friendly lands soon enough. But I do know something that will help. I need a few pieces of King's Foil... Athelás if you know the elven word."

A cure-all, he knew, but it wouldn't stop whatever was happening. Unfortunately, none seemed to have strength to stand straight. Jeke pulled out his own vial, the last one of his own medicine. With an indication to the others, they propped up Horo as he tilted the simple concoction into his mouth. A pinching of his nose and closing of mouth allowed it to be swallowed easily.

He sat back, feeling the travel pains. Today had certainly been interesting. He regarded Sunder as the other two talked quietly and Joseph sat slumped against a tree, still knocked out but calm now. "That man is wanted, you said," Jeke went, with a motion to Joseph. He pulled out his wine skin and took a swig, continuing, "Varland is rather far from here... Even for him. What murders was he accused?" he asked, offering the warm wine to the other Weapons Master.

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