Words That Worm Out

Shade gave a soft chuckle as he took a sip of the drink, "I mostly do sealing and binding spells. Nothing really powerful. Most of my magic is used to seal powerful and evil magics so that no one can use them." He had to keep up with the lies. Yeah, he could seal magics but some magics were way too powerful for him. "You say that we are few and far between? I guess the church has been a bit forceful about their rules. I remember long ago where magic was a bit too free, however some magics shouldn't be restricted or down right outlawed. Healing for example."

Severos shook his head at that, knowing fully that the Healing Prohibition Act was an excellent example of how inbred and backwards Sarnia's leadership had become.

Shade took another sip, "Oh how times have changed. Now what is your name young man? You can call me, Jace." Shade didn't lie, his true name was Jace, when he was alive. To make a lie believable, you have to put a twist of truth.

"Severos," answered the journeyman. Though he wondered what he meant when he said that even though he wasn't powerful, he could bind and seal powerful objects. After all, power was proportional of the effect and cause. He attested it to things he did not know. After all, there was great many things that he did not know.

He gave a minute's pause to sip at the drink, letting the drink wash over his taste buds before continuing. "It is saddening to see that civilization is afraid of magic. It was magic that helped the nations of today become what they are. And yet, they would cut out something that is vital to the world."

At that, something dark twisted in his mind that gave an edge that was not entirely his own to his words. "It is better to let them wallow in the filth they call progress," he hissed, face screwing in hatred.

He blinked. He looked to Jace, aware that he was staring at young Aven. "Uh... Apologies... I don't know what came over me..."

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