The Ugnauht

Aegon held his shin bone, his shoulder still ached from the conflict on Denon. "Thanks for that, I was just trying to make sure you don't end up dead." Baron whined.
"You know we can't jeopardize anything," the Ugnauht sighed. Eleodie released the chains from the Ugnauht's wrists so he could move his arms. "That's much better thank you."
"Swine," Baron mumbled under his breath, Inna leaned over and helped him back to his feet. "You okay?" she asked.
"I've been better, thanks though." Baron patted Inna's shoulder. "So this one he is with you?" Eleodie asked - staring into Aegon's eyes. The Ugnaut walked up to Eleodie and began to speak. "I'll answer that I am yes."
"Who exactly are you Ugnauht?"
"You'll address me as Reykir."
"Tell me Reykir who do you serve?"
"Nobody - least of all the Empire!" Eleodie leaned into Reykir's face and sneered. "Then why do you have that?" Zher clawed finger prodded at an Galactic Empire badge sewn onto Reykir's overalls. "You all say you're slaves. I'm no different I just found a way out!" Reykir smirked.

A tired Inna and Aegon watched as the Ugnaut and Trandoshan continued to exchange words. Baron had began to tap at the side of his leg in boredom. "Hey!" Inna interrupted.
"What?" Reykir and Eleodie said in unison, their heads both flipped toward her. "Have you two finished?" Inna walked over and took Reykir by the collar of his jumpsuit. "Hey you can't do that!"
"I can and I will." Inna dragged Reykir toward Baron Aegon. "So it's settled then we're off?"
"Not quite, you might be able to help me," Eleodie announced, zhe slowly began to approach Aegon. "I don't help pirates!"
"It could be extremely beneficial. Kona bring the case..." Kona quickly saluted and started to trawl a large case over. "Inside here is an artefact you're older than I. Maybe you'll know of its origin." Eleodie unlocked the case, inside was velvet sheets perched carefully on top was a golden pyramid encrusted with dark red jewels. "This looks ancient," Inna ghasped.
"Now you can help me discover it's secrets..." Eleodie smiled.

To Be Continued...

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