Enough of this bed

Lana had had quite enough of a hospital bed. Even though the droids tried to stop her, she just switched them off. She found her uniform, dressed, hurried to her quarters to get a clean, non-blaster shot set, and popped a few pills she'd swiped from the med bay to ease her discomfort.

Then she had a strange feeling she couldn't shake. At first, she thought it was the drugs kicking in and she cursed herself for taking them and so many. She brought up their current, galactic position on her datapad and saw where they were. She also saw the Commander would be off the ship, leaving someone else in command. The bad feeling grew. So, she snuck down to the hangar and ordered a trooper to him her uniform.

She changed in to it and followed Iras down to Cerea. She rode the elevator silently and as Abalam, Iras and the others headed toward the structure, she did her best to disguise her voice and told the trooper at the elevator's exit she was there to relieve him. The farther Iras got away from her, the worse the feeling became. What was this place?


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