Inside the ancient walls were towering statues, they resembled cloaked figures facing down almost in shame or perhaps in a state of meditation. "Those who betrayed us." Wem mumbled. "Exactly," Abalam raised his finger and pointed to wall carvings depicting Cerean Jedi in a conflict with Sith warriors, "I have been searching extensively for any Jedi hiding in the galaxy when I was fortunate enough to find this place. It seems almost forgotten, ignored since the days of the high republic, if not longer. A gold mine of artefacts and treasures for the Empire!"

Lapley stood in front of Grand Admiral Abalam and stared him down. "Really Abalam, you think this ancient mysticm is necessary. We have the advantage with brute force and technical research alone, the Jedi died - so too should their magic!" Lapley sneered.
"Forgive me Captain Lapley, but I fought alongside the Jedi and saw their ability for myself. Nobody has a better understanding of the battlefield than a Jedi Knight, skilled and versatile. They'll have something here of importance." Luando listened, but she could here a shuffling behind her. Someone was getting closer...

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