Friends Reunited

"Forgive me Captain Lapley, but I fought alongside the Jedi and saw their ability for myself. Nobody has a better understanding of the battlefield than a Jedi Knight, skilled and versatile. They'll have something here of importance." Luando listened, but she could here a shuffling behind her. Someone was getting closer...


Luando turned her head behind to investigate the source of the annoying constant shuffling, she suspected it to be bored troopers not paying much attention to the matter at hand as usual. But unusually there was one trooper who appeared to be paying a little too much attention, seemingly staring at Luando. Luando began to stare back and the trooper awkwardly turned their head away. A rebel spy perhaps? Maybe one of Abalam's tasked with gunning down Luando when she was distracted by the endless speeches. Luando began to approach the trooper while the rest of the Imperial higher ups listened to Abalam's lecture.

The troopers all turned to Luando as she singled out the rogue stormtrooper. Nervously the trooper took a few steps back, Iras gently tapped the trooper on the top of her helmet. "Something seem to be the problem TK?"
"No problem, just thought I recognized you."
"Have you ever served under my command? Have you ever been fortunate enough to be assigned to the Intrepid?"
"No... I haven't but I am certain it's wonderful to be under your command... ma'am," the trooper stumbled over her words. Iras Luando thought for a moment - she recognized the tones and the accent of this trooper, it reminded her of the sickly Cosgrove back on the medical bay. "Your voice is so similar to someone else I know, a Captain back on my ship. A wonderful example of what a soldier should strive to be." Beneath the trooper helmet Lana blushed. "Your height too, just everything, the way you stand. It's all too similar. Trooper as a superior I order you to remove your helmet!" Iras barked. Captain Cosgrove froze - she'd been caught red handed.


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