It turned out the T-16 Skyhoppers were unregistered, seemingly without any owner. Talah granted them permission to borrow them to try and find the illusive Mercantile. Aegon took one and Inna the other, Niner as usual was made to stay behind, much to his disappointment. "I don't like this," Inna grumbled over the headset, "I'm not much of a pilot!"
"What have you flown?"
"Not much." Inna turned her head as the ship tilted. She was nervous, making sure not to lose Aegon.

The Skyhoppers navigated through a large ravine, narrowly dodging the rocky spires that towered from the ground. "A kid could fly one of these, they're cheap but reliable. I crashed mine once as a kid."
"I crashed my Skyhopper, I broke a few bones. My parents weren't happy," Aegon chuckled. Inna smiled as she listened to Aegon's stories. "What was your life like as a child?" Inna asked.
"It was good. My father was a senator, back when the Republic was a thing. He represented my world, his world too.."
"What world is that, you're a hard man to place Baron."
"I'm from Czerialus, ever heard of it?"
"I have."
"That's a surprise not many have."
"I get around," Inna giggled into the headset.

Baron reflected for a moment. "Well it's a nice world not too crowded, just a beautiful jewel in the sky. Then when the Republic fell, the Empire found it and realised that there was plenty of undisturbed resources to extract. They tore it apart and dug it up. My dad didn't like this obviously and then they killed him."
"I'm sorry Baron-"
"-It's okay, that's what they are like. If they want something they'll take it. If they disagree with something they'll destroy it or kill it!" A frown formed on Aegon's face, he tightened his fists around the control stick. "Now Czerialus ain't so different from Denon, just used to build weapons for the Empire. One day I'll get Czerialus back even if I die trying." Inna could hear the fury in his voice, she then thought of Ryloth and how it and Czerialus weren't so different. "When that day comes I'll come with you and get your planet back."
"Thank you Inna... I appreciate that."

As they left the ravine a tracker started to beep, a looping destress call began to play: "This is the independent ship the Mercantile, we have been attacked and lost all core power. Requesting immediate assistance. I repeat this is the independent ship the Mercantile." The Skyhoppers slowly approached a wrecked GR-75 Medium Transport. It had collided with a huge snowcapped mountain, the ship essentially was in two halves. As the Skyhoppers approached the scanners identified the ship as The Mercantile. "Well looks like we've found what we were looking for." Baron announced. The Skyhoppers landed adjacent to the hulking wreck; Inna and Aegon stepped out. Both were ready to investigate.

To Be Continued...

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