Lana thought she'd seen something but couldn't be sure, the drugs were that good. When first introduced into her system, she'd seen dancing, pink ewoks. That was an image she hoped never to see again. Drifting in and out of things, she slipped into a very vivid, dreaming slumber.

She was back on Denon. Back at the Weapon's Facility. She heard shouts. Saw dead troopers all around her. Then she heard Commander Luando scream. Rushing into the room, she saw Luando on the floor and everything around her faded to black. It was just the two of them.

She rushed to her side and took her in her arms. She was hurt badly. Commander Luando looked deep into Lana's eyes, deeper and truer than ever before and there was a connection, a sign, a feeling, more and deeper than ever before. And before a word could be said, a reaction granted afinal breath escaped Luando's lips.

"NO!!!" Lana screamed. "DON'T LEAVE ME IRAS!!!"

It was only then she realized she was no longer asleep. No longer laying down in a dream filled horror. She was sitting upright in a medical bay. There was a human doctor and human nurse of some kind, staring, horrified at her.

Had she just screamed that aloud?

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