Commander Luando sat beside Captain Cosgrove, she was in a deep medically induced sleep. Rumors had started flying around the Intrepid about Iras and Lana's 'relationship'. But Luando had seen to it that anyone of these gossipers were immediately transferred to a different ship or world, far away from the Intrepid. "She is recovering Commander," a medical droid chimed.
"I'm aware, just make sure you give her the best attention."
"Of course Commander, she is of the highest priority."

The droid wandered away and Luando continued to watch. Suddenly a Stormtrooper appeared in the doorway, he took no more than three steps into the medical bay. "Commander you have an urgent call request from Grand Admiral Abalam." Iras placed her hand on her brow and sighed, then turned to stand up. "Very well, I'll take it in my office." The Stormtrooper promptly saluted and left the room. Luando took one more look at Cosgrove, she could see her eyes were about to open. She left before Lana had the opportunity to realise that she was there beside her.

Luando sat in her office as the holographic feed of the Grand Admiral manifested before her. "Commander Luando, so nice to see you again."
"Abalam," she grunted unenthusiastically.
"How is Captain Cosgrove's recovery coming along?"
"She's doing well."
"I have heard that you have been very difficult to pry away from the young Captain. You're in that medical bay more than your own bridge!"
"Who told you that?"
"An officer you reassigned. Officer Rednal, a close friend of mine."
"Rednal is a worm. He's not fit for the Intrepid, I left him on Denon to oversee repairs at the Weapon's Facility."
"I'm aware." Abalam's blue projection walked over to his seat and made himself comfortable. "I'm afraid that the ISD Intrepid must rendezvous with the Malice at once. We are waiting for you at Cerea..."
"I'm afraid I can only divulge that information in person. This means of communication presents too much risk."
"But our orders were to return to Coruscant!"
"Consider those orders quashed, don't fret the Emperor is already aware of these adjustments." Luando thought for a moment, trying to work out what the dreaded Darsh Abalam had planned this time. "If the Emperor himself has accepted these changes then so be it. We'll be there soon."
"Excellent Commander Luando, I look forward to seeing you again and so soon." Before Iras had a chance to respond the image of Abalam fizzled away. She stood up, ready to reroute the ship.

To Be Continued...

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