Happy Possum And Pizza

Bonnie looked at Serenity for a moment, but became quickly distracted by a piece of pizza that Kevin gave her. Sitting on her human's lap, she ate with surprising elegance for such a feral creature.

Kevin smiled and pet the possum before looking to the books and Max again, realization finally hitting his brain. "I interrupted the lesson, didn't I?" He asked, glancing back as Tam and Serenity spoke. "I bet she loved that tip. That's more money than I make in a single day at the pet shop."

River kept quiet as she quickly snapped a photo of Tam and Serenity interacting. Turning the lens on Kevin, she snapped an image of him as well. Even earlier, despite her constant fear, she had taken pictures of Max while Bonnie basically humped his head.

Despite her fear of the two men in the room, River was having fun and nibbled on a slice of cheese pizza.

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