Babysit My Possum?

"Bye hot pizza delivery girl!" Kevin called with a wave before munching on a slice of pizza happily. Pulling out his phone, he tapped away on it for a moment and grumbled. "I gotta get to work soon...boss says the parrots are losing their shit again. Stupid guy don't know how to take care of birds..."

If there was one that could upset Kevin, it was anything involving an animal being unhappy.

Once done with her slice of pizza, Bonnie crawled her way back to Max and climbed onto his shoulders. She nuzzled into his neck and relaxed there happily.

Kevin sighed as he put his phone away. "You mind watching Bonnie while I'm at work today? The landlord claimed he heard animal noises last week."

River frowned for a moment at Kevin and Max's conversation before turning her gaze back to Serenity. "She seemed nice. Maybe we should try to become her friend." She said with a half-smile. "Might want to finish the pizza before Alexei comes looking for you, though..."

The gothic photographer really hated the coach.

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