Pet Shop

Bonnie made a noise akin to a purr as she shifted on Max's shoulder in an attempt to make them both comfortable. So happy with the older man, she easily began to fall asleep.

"Yeah. I can watch Bonnie." Max said.

Kevin pulled out a box of treats from his backpack and slide them across the table to Max. "Thanks, man! You're the best friend a guy could ask for!" Grinning, he zipped up the backpack and ran all the way to the pet shop known as "Poodles and Pussies".

The moment he walked in, the parrots that had been screeching and flapping their wings wildly seemed to instantly calm down. Smiling to them, the blond twenty-seven year old waved to them. "Be with you in a minute, guys." He chanted happily and headed to the back room where the pet owner was.

Said man was standing next to a box and checking the inventory, adjusting the reading the glasses he wore. "Thank God you're here, Kev. I can't handle those birds." He grunted in a thick German accent.

Kevin chuckled. "Sorry, boss." He muttered, putting the backpack away. "I'll get started."


River waved to Tamara with a smile. "We just wanted to see if you wanted to have a sleepover." She explained for Serenity. It was rare that she would speak up about something, but the dark haired girl felt they could trust this odd girl.

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