I'll Get You And It'll Look Like A Bloody Accident

Noah was silent, watching Jonah as he started his "patrol". A part of him, the logical part, knew he shouldn't cave into what he wanted to do. River was in there, though, and he wanted to get back at her for having him locked up in prison.

Waiting for the blond to step out of view, the monster of a man was quick to make his way into the apartment. As an old technology kid, he was able to easily disarm any security that would detect him at the window of River's room.

His eyes glanced over River, who was too busy crying to notice he had entered the room. It was not until his hand grabbed onto her arm that he spoke. "Hey, River, baby!" He said with a strange smile that was warped by the ugly scar on the side of his face. "Been lookin' for ya."

River let out a gasp and reached for her shotgun, but was jerked away and held tightly against her assailant. "Let go of me!" She cried out as she began to beat at Noah's chest and kicked out wildly.

She was suddenly on her back, hands ripping at her top and bra as she kept screaming and fighting with all her might. Her nails left claw marks on his arms, face...anywhere she could reach his skin.

River refused to be a victim again.


Kevin nodded as they got to the pet shop. Wish a wave, he headed inside and was greeted by Stefan. Through the front window, the owner gave Max a quick wave.

Mr. Andrews watched calmly before looking to Max. "So...you tutor an ice skater?" He asked calmly as Bonnie hopped into the back seat with Jr. Both animals happily curled up and let out happy noises.

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