He'll Talk Your Ears Off

Kevin gently patted her hand away before taking his time to coax the ferret onto his arm. It happily climbed up until it reached his shoulder, where it hopped down onto Serenity's head and made happy little noises.

"Well," He mused, gesturing to the book and pamphlet. "That will explain a lot, but I can just tell you." With that said, he proceeded to explain in great detail about the care of ferrets and how good they are with traveling.

Stefan eventually walked up and patted Kevin on the back. "You are talkin' her ear off."

A blush crossed the blond male's face. "Oh, sorry..." He apologized to Serenity before finally noticing the others, his eyes lighting up at the sight of Tamara. "Hey, hot pizza delivery girl!"

River groaned, embarrassed for Tam at this point.

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