Welcome to Point Break High

Welcome to Point Break High. This is a Slice of Life Game that takes place in Point Break, California. The students will attend Point Break High School which is near the coast line and is a common spot for beach parties. It is told from the perspective of some of the students from Point Break High as they face issues that affect their lives such as grades, their future, sports, dating (human or other species), identity crisis and fitting in. Its similar to the movie "Clueless" where rich kids try to fit in certain niches like cowboys, posh girls, skaters, GQ boys, rappers, potheads, political types, nerds, delinquents, trouble makers, snobs and etc.... Some characters can give off a different persona at school than behind the scenes for various reasons.

Over 52 years ago Earth and another world's space collided somehow and an unusual species came to co-exist with humans called Anthromorphs. Anthromorphs exist in various clans such as feline-humanoid, canine-humanoid, rodent-humanoid, lizard-humanoid orc-humanoid, orge-humanoid, troll-humanoid, elves and so on. The large Tooth-like Islands off the coast of the nearby countries is where the Anthromorphs came from. The Tooth-like Islands also serve as historical sites for explorers. The local island is called "Fang Rock". Each clan worked with the world governments and with help managed to adapt to human society. However at the same time some humans were able to gain limited magical abilities. After sometime the Anthromorphs went to school with the humans and are still dealing with bullies on both sides, but many others seem to get along just fine. This game is about the kids in high school trying to deal with life's many challenges.

Make a character (Human or Anthromorph) that is dealing with life in high school and give them some flaws since it is more realistic. Please no God Modding, Flame Wars, Controlling other's characters and limit the profane language since minors may be members.

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