Dwelling On The Past

After some time went by, Jack who was a freshman student attending Point Break High School, got experience rather interesting life. As he looked out the window he recalled his recent past events. He lost list mother at an early age in elementary school and was raised by his father while taking care of his little brother. When his world and the world of the Anthromorphs merged it caused a massive change in the world and a culture shock. Over 52 years ago Earth and another world's space collided somehow and an unusual species came to co-exist with humans called Anthromorphs. Anthromorphs exist in various clans such as feline-humanoid, canine-humanoid, rodent-humanoid, lizard-humanoid orc-humanoid, orge-humanoid, troll-humanoid, elves and so on. The large Tooth-like Islands off the coast of the nearby countries is where the Anthromorphs came from. The Tooth-like Islands also serve as historical sites for explorers. The local one off the coast is called "Fang Rock" since it is shaped like a huge cone piercing the ground.

Each Anthromorph Clan worked with the world governments and with help managed to adapt to human society. However at the same time some humans were able to gain limited magical abilities. After sometime the Anthromorphs got jobs and went to school with the humans and are still dealing with bullies on both sides, but many others seem to get along just fine.

Jack found the idea of the two worlds merging to be odd and bizarre, however because of that he was imbued with "God Speed and Soar" wind magic which allowed him to run faster and protect himself with wind armor. Sadly instead of using this gift to be a gifted athlete, he often lost his temper and beat up bullies, which caused him to be feared and disliked. Oddly enough that same type of thinking led him to take on a very large lion man whole stole two eggs from a female flying lizard Anthromorph. During his chase of the lion man thief, Jack managed to take him out with a very fast flying side kick to the head. Then he recovered the two eggs he thought were children and was confused since the flying lizard woman said her babies were taken. It was then that the female caught up to him and landed by his side. She was distressed and in tears as she saw Jack holding her eggs. She was ever so grateful to him as he was going to hand them back to her. However unknown to Jack he accidently cut his hands in his fight with the lion man and got his blood on the eggs.

Somehow this led to poor Jack fertilizing the two eggs and becoming a father of twin dragon girls before entering high school. He was very overwhelmed by this and after learning more at the police station he felt an overwhelming sense of guilt. Of course the dragon anthromorphs are very rare and not welcomed in society due to being very strong when tempers flare. Later on Jack and his family learned that all dragons are all female and there is little knowledge about their culture or breeding. They lay unfertilized eggs in their nests and when they become rotten they turn into a crystalized gem egg which is highly sought after by the rich and shameless. Many hospitals won't admit dragons since one dragon went to a dentist for a rotten tooth and when he failed to remove it, she destroyed several buildings. So the insurance companies had to get very strict on that topic.

Since he was in over his head his father agreed to taken in the dragon girl named Aello Draonline and the twins dragon girls named Tali and Lyekka Dragonline. Jack was stressed out as he was already a baby daddy and still a virgin. True Aello was pretty and lacking in common sense, but regardless things were moving way to fast for him. Luckily with time and a lot of support from family and friends, Jack was able to begin the transition as a father while in high school. His younger brother Ben and father Jay Gomez were very supportive. Jack even met to classmates from his past to help him out as well named Mia and Lily. Mia was a cat girl who had a brother named Ken who was best friends with Jack's younger brother Ben. Lily Carsen was a human friend of Mia's that Jack protected from an anthromorph bully and developed a big crush on him.

After a few weeks of school Jack was now getting closer to a big school event. It was the week of Homecoming for the sports teams and the big moment for the Homecoming King and Queen. Jack was not to keen on participating but Lily and Mia reminded him it would good form him to attend to improve his image. Of course it was all a secret plan to get Jack to take Lily to the dance, but Mia kept that part a secret. Jack was unsure about this since Aello would not be to keen on him dating other girls. However since she could not attend the school and could not stop Jack she agreed on the condition he stay faithful to her. This level of guilt hit Jack hard as he agreed and knew he was the father of their kids. He looked in the mirror as he wondered how he was going to get through this dance while keeping Aello and Lily in a good mood.


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