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Summary: Father of Jack and Ben

Jay Gomez

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Gender: Male

Age: 40

Group: Other


2 Sons: Jack and Ben. (Wife passed away when young)
Daughter In Law Law Dragon Girl, Aello
2 Granddaughters: Tali a Thunder Dragon and Lyekka a Wind Dragon


Management in Cyber Security Company
Retired Military
Magical Eyes: Able to interpret any language with ease.

Human/Anthromorph: Type


Physical Appearance

Dark hair
Hazel eyes
Muscular build
Kind smile

Personality and interests

He comes off as a humble father who loves his family. Though he spends long hours at work he still makes time for his family. He enjoys helping his sons and spoils his grand children. He also has no problem buying the baby supplies.


Jay was a nerd and jock growing up and fell in love with his high school sweetheart before going into the army. There he was able to attend college and get computer certified as he moved up the ranks in cyber security. After he left the army he married his high school sweetheart and had 2 sons before she passed away from illness. Though his heart was broken he did his beast for his sons out of respect for his wife's wishes. Sadly his oldest son Jack stressed him out by fighting all the time and forcing him to change schools a lot. However he was happy when Jack ended up with a dragon wife and twin daughters one day. He loves them very much and spoils them since they fill his heart with joy.

Favourite Sayings

Where are my angles?

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Image of Jay Gomez
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