First Day Of School At Point Break High School

Some time had passed since the big party at Vamir's mansion. Jack was all to glad to get invited to the party but he was on pins and needles the whole time hoping not to mess up by saying or doing something foolish like he did in the past. Sadly this was the first party he had been invited to outside his family for his entire life. It was vastly different compared to a few presents, a nice dinner and some cake bought from a store. Vamir's party had a huge spread of fancy foods, a live DJ, dance floor and fancy clothes. Jack felt so out of place there but he was glad he managed to somewhat fit in. Oddly enough he was glad the party crashers were dealt with by the others so he would not have to stand out for fighting again. His last fight landed him a dragon wife and twin daughters, so he was very hesitant now.

Aello was also glad to socialize with humans more as she was with Jack at the big party. It was nice to get away from her babies and enjoy good music, dancing, fancy food and meeting new people as opposed to crying and dirty diapers. Granted she was still learning about human culture and manners, but she was still making progress. Of course she was still worried other human females might want to charm her Jack. In her mind it was important to fight for her mate. As it was she was worried Jack would be tempted by a girl with a larger chest like Lily, since she had a modest size in comparison. Of course it was nice to dance with Jack even if both of them were awkward at it since neither danced before. However she did get jealous when Lily insisted on dancing with Jack later on. Poor Jack was beet red as he danced with both girls since many guys were starring daggers at him out of jealousy.

Jay, Jack's father, and Ben, Jack's brother were very helpful in watching the twins, Tali and Lyekka, while Jack & Aello enjoyed the party. Mia's brother, Ken, also spent the night with Ben and helped with a few things as well. Since Ben did the cooking in the house, Jay and Ken entertained the twins most of that night. Of course they were all to happy to return the twins back to Jack and Aello when they got home late so they could get some rest. Granted Tali and Lyekka are cute bundles of joy, but as dragon girl infants they can be a bit demanding at times. If not for Jay's experience with raising two boys, it would have been more challenging for them.

So the next few days Jack and Aello went back to the usual routine of little sleep, child care and chores. This of course was only temporary till Jack and Ben would have to go to school. Since Jay had to work at the office, he needed to make arrangements to hire a nanny to help Aello at the house with the twins. Since Jay had little time, he let Jack and Aello meet the nannies from the agency. Among the available nanny's was the female officer who questioned Jack and Aello at the station at the beginning of Summer. The female officer D'Giny was of the dog/human race and came on behalf of her mother who was a retired teacher with way to much time on her hands. D'Giny was hoping to get her mom a new job since she was trying to get D'Giny married to whoever she found nearby.

Seeing as D'Giny's mother was very qualified to be a nanny and related to an Officer, Jack found it was a big plus. So they made arrangements to meet Officer D'Giny's mother and she had little trouble working with the twins. Her experience as an educator really showed as she managed to get Tali to stop flying all the time in the house. After the job was accepted Ms. D'Giny, the mom, came over for several hours a day to get accustomed to the twins. This was a big life saver for Jack and Aello who managed to sleep well for a few days. This was a big stress reducer for them as they could now do house hold chores.

Then the day came where Jack was dreading, as Ben came into Jack's room to wake him up quietly so the babies and Aello stayed asleep. It was 5:30 in the morning and Jack was tired as he dragged himself out of bed. He grabbed his clothes he got out and took his school backpack before leaving to the bathroom to change and wash up. After cleaning up he went to the kitchen he saw Ben making breakfast and his father, Jay, reading the news on his phone. Soon Ben had breakfast ready for them and on set aside for Aello when she woke up. Since she learned to used a microwave from Ben, they didn't have to worry about her cooking or burning the house down. Ben premade meals for Aello so she could just warm them up and eat them.

After eating breakfast and cleaning up, the nanny, Ms. D'Giny, arrived at 6:30 as Ben and Jack headed to the bus stop. Jay talked to her a bit before he left for work. Ms. D'Giny sat on the couch and read a book as she waited for Aello and the twins to wake up. Jack and Ben quietly made their way to their bus stop as they carried their backpacks. It was going to be a new school year at a new school again, so they were a bit nervous. Ben was fine since he fit in with others with little effort and he had his friend Ken at the same school. Jack on the other hand felt like a fish out of water. Granted he knew Lily and Mia, but since they were in high school the odds of him being in the same class as them was small. Since he was a new student he needed to figure out his new schedule at the main office.

Since they went to different schools, Jack and Ben parted ways on two different buses. The trip was long and quite for Jack as he stared out the window since he was nervous. He didn't know anyone to talk to and had lousy social skills. He was hoping to make at least one friend at school, but kept thinking about his relatives teasing him about his bad jokes to introduce himself in a cool way. Then before he knew it the bus arrived at Point Break High School and he snapped out of his day dream. Point Break High School was a large school that could hold a good 6,000 students and by the looks of it there were a lot of mixed races attending. As Jack looked around he saw humans, various cat people, various dog people, wolf, people, pig people (orcs), various lizard people, various bird people, and some humans. Naturally dragon people were super rare and Jack didn't see any at the school. Aello was the only one he had ever met besides the twins.

Once the students left the bus they funneled into the school. Jack was unsure where to go till he saw an adult/teacher type with a big sign to gather up new students. The teacher was a cat woman and had a nice warm smile as she greeted the students. So Jack made his way to her and signed on the clipboard and waited as a few more students who came by. Once the other students passed by she looked up their names and handed them a packet with map, their schedule and the school rules. Then she had a few older students in yellow vests escort them to their classes while explaining a few things. Jack was very nervous at this point since he didn't know who would be in his class room.


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