Dance? Number? Yes, please.

Amber got a smile on her face and walked up to the DJ. she had found out his name was Walter He was talking about the Red X guy and she knew about the same information. he seemed not to be a threat to Vamir or her.

Wally saw Amber approaching and gave her a grin and a wave, but turned to hear Bevil's concerns.

Bevil began to shake, "I uh...he saved me, from some bullies. That's how I know him.." He looked over, "Look, Red X is very sociable, he lives for the party, the popularity, and that sort, but it's not a good thing. He might not like violence, but him being here is, bad."

Red X found the interest of a sorority girl, having her join him in his dance, Bevil gulped, "Wally, be careful around him."

Wally frowned slightly, his brow furrowing in thought. "Yeah, okay man, no worries. It's not like I had any plans to go mess with him or anything. I was just, uh, you know...curious to know what you knew about him." He raised his eyebrows as "Red X" quickly made a friend of of an attractive looking older girl. "Guy's definitely got game, though." He turned to Amber then to greet her and remark on her skillful handling of security, but she beat him to the punch.

"So, got time for a dance cutie and I would Like for your phone number if you don't mind me having it." She asked him.

"Uhh..." Surprise registered on Wally's face, but it was quickly replaced by a wide grin. "Abso-lutely!" He agreed. He took the studio monitors from around his neck and stuck them onto Bevil's head. "You're in the pilot's seat, dude, keep it going!"

Wally came out around the booth then to approach Amber. He held up one of his cards, upon which was his email address and cell phone number. "Uhm, so...if you ever need a DJ...well, me specifically," he grinned, feeling suddenly a little shy. "Uhm, did you really wanna dance?"

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