Dance? or Number?

Time: Summer
Place: Ellisate Manor Party

Amber satisfied with Red X's reply let it go as the other two security back off and walked back to their station. She looked up at the DJ she said earlier she wanted a dace maybe a phone number. Vamir had disappeared back into the crowd doing his normal mingling. she got a smile on her face and walked up to the DJ. she had found out his name was Walter He was talking about the Red X guy and she knew about the same information. he seemed not to be a threat to Vamir or her.

Bevil began to shake, "I uh...he saved me, from some bullies. That's how I know him.." He looked over, "Look, Red X is very sociable, he lives for the party, the popularity, and that sort, but it's not a good thing. He might not like violence, but him being here is, bad."
Red X found the interest of a sorority girl, having her join him in his dance, Bevil gulped, "Wally, be careful around him."

she waited for him to finish talking. she walked up with a big flirtatious smile "So, got time for a dace cutie and I would Like for your phone number if you don't mind me having it. She asked him.

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