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Summary: There is no debate I am right.

Vamir Ellisare

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Gender: Male

Age: 50, looks 17 years old

Group: Junior Students


Anthromorph: Eladrin High Elf Clan Silvertree is based in the US.


Job: Student
Music, Sax, Piano, Drums
Math, physics
Above Average Student
Marshal Arts Bladesong - Querim`Hinuel

Psychic Ability (Can get intense migraines after use)
Range: By touch or up to 5 feet away (1.5 m); line of sight
Duration: 15 minutes
Description: This ability allows the psychic to mentally communicate with, and understand, machines. This psi-power is a bizarre combination of Object Read and Telepathy, except that it applies to mechanical devices only. By touching any machine, whether it be a bicycle, gun, car, or airplane, the psychic instantly have a complete (although temporary) knowledge of exactly how the machine operates. The psychic knows everything about the machine: the complete schematic diagram and operation knowledge is seen in his mind's eye. When touching an artificially intelligent machine, i.e., computers and robots, the psychic not only understands everything about its operation, maintenance, repair, access codes, etc. but can communicate with it telepathically. This means he can tap into a computer's data files without using a terminal because the information is sent directly into the psychic's mind. Remember, the telepathic link and memory are temporary abilities and the psychic will remember the general context and certain bits of info that made an impression on him.

Enhanced Telekinesis lift, Leap, movement, ect.
Range: 150 feet
Duration: 5 minutes
Lift/move/hurl an object that weighs 500 lbs,
Description: Telekinesis is the ability to move objects without any means other than directed psychic energy. He can make an object hop, fall, roll, rise into the air, suspend it there hovering or make it fly across the room. To move an object by telekinesis, the item must be visible, within the psychic's range (150 feet) and the point of focus. The psychic must concentrate on what he is doing. Several objects can be telekinetically thrown around simultaneously. We can see in the example, telekinesis can be used to do more than making objects fly around. The telekinetic power can be used to open doors, flick switches, press buttons, turn knobs and dials, open windows, make a rocking chair rock, and so on. The range of possibilities is extensive when you stop and think about it.

Human/Anthromorph: Type

Eladrin High Elf

Physical Appearance

Vamir has Dirty blond shoulder length curly hair
Has a warm smile most of the time.
Having very beautiful green emerald eyes.
At six foot two inches with a Muscular build some girls find him to be attractive.

Personality and interests

Vamir is an easy guy to get along with. He likes to party when he can. Always looking out for girls. He works hard in school looking at an engineering degree. He wants to get into the best engineering college he can. Vamir can be a terrible flirt at times. He loves most music and some metal.

Vamir is concerned with getting the best deal for his clan, Home, and race, in that order. He is naturally a leader or at least likes to think that he is. This may be a result of his birth, upbringing, he has an inflated opinion of himself. He tries to take charge of most situations, acting in a decisive and imposing manner. He does not see himself as a good fighter. He would rather engage in diplomacy, but if that fails he may try to take command of the situation. His success depends on whether he is also a competent negotiator.


Thanks to Vamir's noble birth, people are inclined to think the best of him. He is welcome in high society, and people assume you have the right to be wherever you are. The family estimated worth is in the billions.

In the house of Ellisare Silvertree, there was born a Son Vamir Ellisare, and a sister Showna Ellisare. They grew in political and social standing. Showna Sequoia is considered priestess of the temple. The family well-known man in the Temple for their woodland skills and Magic ability and helped in the training of the People of their clan. Their sir name Ellisare Silvertree goes back some 1000 years. This is a great family among the Elves and high standing. Vamir were raised by their mother. Their father was always off on the business of the clan. Vamir wonts in his father’s footsteps. but that is a hard thing to do because he has no magic. his Psychic abilities are shunned by most but because of his family's station, they do not show it. but now with the new world, his abilities have become useful. Now some are swaying to support him more. now at a private school, he is there to learn more about the new world and how he fits into it.

Favourite Sayings

That's not much.
I can debate that
No, I don't have green blood.

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Image of Vamir Ellisare
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