World History Class

Once the students left the bus they funneled into the school. Jack was unsure where to go till he saw an adult/teacher type with a big sign to gather up new students. The teacher was a cat woman and had a nice warm smile as she greeted the students. So Jack made his way to her and signed on the clipboard and waited as a few more students who came by. Once the other students passed by she looked up their names and handed them a packet with map, their schedule and the school rules. Then she had a few older students in yellow vests escort them to their classes while explaining a few things. Jack was very nervous at this point since he didn't know who would be in his class room.

After a lot of questions and answers, Jack was able to get a decent idea of where to go and where his classes were located at. Since he was new to the school he was given some slack if he asked for help. Since he hardly knew anyone in the school, poor Jack was feeling like an outsider, much like he did at the party hosted by Vamir. He wondered if he would run into Mia or Lily in one of his classes, but since there was a lot of students at the school he had no idea what to expect. In one summer his entire life changed. He came back to his old neighborhood since Middle School and got caught up in messy situation between a Storm Dragon named Aello and a Lion man who stole her two eggs. Then he used his magical God Speed to catch the thief, defeat him and rescue the eggs. After that he his blood and spirit energy accidently hatched the eggs and just like that he was father of two baby dragon girls despite still being a virgin. Jack's life was definitely going in a different direction now.

Granted he had most of the Summer to adjust to his new life with the support of his father and brother since this was all new to him. However he was still struggling with his poor social skills since he seen as a delinquent since he liked to solve his problems with his fists instead of his words, which did cause him to get in trouble a lot for beating up school bullies. However now he was feeling out of place in a new school and he was hoping to start fresh with a better reputation.

So he walked through the crowded halls while reading the signs on the walls giving directions to room numbers. Eventually he was able to find his first class and as luck would have it Lily and Mia were in the same class with him. He also noticed that the DJ (Walter) from the party was in the class as well as two lizard girls Tia & Vara) with odd expressions.

Lily: Jack over here.

Lily was quick to see Jack and waved him over to her sit by the empty seat next to her. Mia snickered as Jack looked nervous before he walked towards them.

Jack: Ummmm hey.

Mia: Hey stranger.

Lily: Hi Jack.

Jack: Were you expecting me?

Lily: Ummm?

Mia: Yeah my lil brother Ken got your schedule from your brother Ben. Lily has been antsy waiting for you.

Lily: Mia! You didn't have to say that part.

Jack: Its okay. I'm kinda glad I know someone here.

Mia: See I told you he would be happy to see you since he is so anti-social.

Then the World History teacher came in and gave them some papers to read and fill out on class rules and future activities they will be doing. Apparently in the near future they will have a research paper on the event that happened over 52 years ago when Earth and another world's space collided somehow and an unusual species came to co-exist with humans called Anthromorphs and they will take a field trip to see "Fang Rock". Since it was a major grade they needed to get the papers signed by their parents and returned so they could go on the trip. If they didn't do that they would have to work on the report in the library with a different teacher. Since this was a major grade they really didn't get a choice in the matter.

After that the World History teacher went over the syllabus of the class and what materials the students would need. Jack did his best to keep up but he was an average student unlike Mia and Lily who were smarted than him. For the most part the class was a bit boring as the teacher covered the way to set up the notes and stuff they wanted the students to do.


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