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Summary: A bit odd sister of Bevil.

Tia Kin

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Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: Sophomore Students


The Lizard Clan
A mother
A father
A younger brother
And three older sisters


Shee can climb up walls
She is very fast and agile
She can regrow his tail
Sharp claws and teeth
She has druid like magic, able to talk to plants, heal, and grow plantion.

Human/Anthromorph: Type

Anthromorph:White Lizard

Physical Appearance

She had a small, slim build, with pale green skin, white hair,patches of white scales and a white lizard tail. He eyes are a light green, and she has branch like horns growing from her head.

Personality and interests

She is soft spoken, curious, and a bit odd. She cares for her family as well as nature. She wants to make friends, but she isn't great at introductions. She has a nack of losing her clothes randomly.


Tia is the second youngest to the heir of Head of the Lizard Clan. She was often around plantion ad a child and gained a connection with it because of it. She was taken to a separate school, as all of her siblings as their parents tried to find better schools for them. She just recently went to Point Break because it has proven to be the best of the schools they were going to.

Favourite Sayings

"Where my clothes go?"

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Image of Tia Kin
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