A Moment of Bliss

After that the World History teacher went over the syllabus of the class and what materials the students would need. Jack did his best to keep up but he was an average student unlike Mia and Lily who were smarted than him. For the most part the class was a bit boring as the teacher covered the way to set up the notes and stuff they wanted the students to do.

After the morning classes Jack was feeling drained from school work and the odd glares he got from the students in the halls. Unknown to himself, there were many rumors of him knocking up a younger anthromorph and having kids already before entering high school. In their eyes he was a messed up player. To make it worse jack's poor social skills made it hard for him to talk to strangers so his social awkwardness only added to the bad rumors about him. So the only students who gave him the time of day was Lily and Mia. Sadly poor Jack was hoping to make a friend or two but his luck was barely holding on at this point.

Once in the lunch line he noticed the lunch food was a lot more diverse than in middle school. He wondered if it was a normal thing or because of the large numbers of anthromorphs attending the school. Either way he was glad to see foods he liked on the menu. So Jack got a burger and fries along with a sweet tea as Lily and Mia got their meals. Mia got a double fish sandwich and Lily got a Caesar salad since she was worried about her figure. He main concern was all her weight went to her chest and attracted attention from the perverted guys, which of course only added to her fear of men. There were not many males she was comfortable with but it was way better than in the past.

Lunch was somewhat peaceful till a few students began to fight over the last burger or trying to move in one someone's boyfriend or girlfriend. Though it sounded somewhat cliché, some anthromorph's culture regarding food and seduction involved challenging other males or females and the winner could steal their mate. Luckily that did not often apply to human cultures since not many anthromorphs were interested in dating humans since they looked down on them as weak with a few exceptions. Many anthromorph parents would not approve of a mixed marriage so they were not common, not to mention the chances for bearing children was rather low.

Jack did his best to ignore his surroundings and eat his food with Lily and Mia as the crowd cheered on the fighting. Of course the school security quickly broke up the fights and restored order before dragging away the offenders. Lily was a bit nervous by this even though she saw it happen a lot in her past. Mia was not concerned a bit as she enjoyed her fish burger. They chatted a bit as they ate but the conversation was interrupted as Aello called Jack on his phone to tell him that the twins had learned something new. While bathing them they learned how to swim in the tub. Aello sent Jack a short video and they chatted a bit till lily and Mia decided to watch over his shoulder. It was awkward for poor Jack but seeing Tali and Lyekka so happy in the tub eased his stress away. Sadly they ran out of time for lunch and Jack had to end the call. On the way to class Mia and Lily went on about how cute the twins were and it was hard to believe Jack was a dad already. So Jack sulked as he was teased on the way to class. He was ready for school to end so he could see the twins.


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