You had to pick on her

History class went along as normally as it could, Sylvia was very attentive, raising her hand to answer questions or even shoot out questions of her own, all of which were the correct answers, as well as some interesting questions many wouldn't think to ask about history.

Ria on the other hand wasn't paying attention at all, rather ahe would flex her biceps at a guy in the corner, or simply nap as she propped her feet on the desk.

A orc girl got an idea, a horrible idea, to show where the lizard stood in the school. When the history teacher was distracted by Sylvia's explanation of humans and anamorphs firat interactions, the orc girl slapped Ria, and spat, "Back off my man."

She simply straightened herself, and rubbed the spot that was slapped. Ria smirked at the girl, before grabbing her by the neck and slamming her into the desk, gaining everyone's attention.

Sylvia turned and gasped, "Ria! Stop!" The older sister attempted to stop her sister from having a beatdown with the orc, but both of them punched her, "Outta of the way girily!" They both screamed before going back at it with each other. Sylvia fell to the floor unconscious, only making the panic worse as the two larger women fought, Ria ended with the upper hand, and stood before the orc, "I am victorious! Mahahaha! Bow beeeeee" She started to convulse as she was if she was being tazed, before falling down, Joseph with his hand out.
"Is her sister okay?" He looked at the class.

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